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Go Green

For the economy to undergo a transformation to achieve global climate, environmental, and social goals, such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement, significant private and public investment is required. Sustainable finance is an integral part of the European Green Deal, and Green Leasing is committed to playing its role in this Green Transformation.

Green transformation requires the efforts of all stakeholders. The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provide a blueprint for action.

We can all do our part in different ways: from day-to-day activities to long-term commitments, like reducing your energy use through sustainable investment.

Green Leasing is committed to accelerating the transition towards a Green Economy by providing sustainable financing solutions that help our customers to invest in renewable and sustainable resources.

Sustainable finance integrates sustainability considerations into the financial decision-making process, and the result will be more climate neutral, energy- and resource-efficient, and circular projects. Sustainable finance is essential for the Commission’s strategy to achieve the SDGs.

Integrating sustainability considerations will help mitigate the impact of natural disasters and other related environmental and social issues that may affect the economy and financial markets.

The EU has committed to three ambitious climate and energy targets by 2030:

  • Minimum 40% cut in greenhouse gas emissions compared to 1990 levels
  • At least 32.5% energy savings compared with the business-as-usual scenario
  • At least a 32% share of renewables in final energy consumption.

Green Leasing wants to play its part in implementing these targets by providing sustainable financing solutions that enable businesses to reduce carbon emissions.

We aim to achieve long-term, sustainable growth for our customers and to have a lasting, positive impact on the environment and society.

Green Leasing combines extensive experience and knowledge of the financial markets and an understanding of environmental and social issues at stake to support investment decisions that help meet the national and international climate goals.


Green Transformation is a journey where we all have to do our part. Together we can make a real difference in accelerating the transition towards a greener circular economy.

Transitioning to a climate-neutral economy requires global solutions. It is, therefore, time to align these various initiatives across jurisdictions to:

  • Scale-up sustainable finance to plug the current investment gap
  • Ensure compatible markets for sustainable financial assets across borders and avoid fragmentation
  • Achieve economies of scale by exploring synergies
  • Maximise the impact of EU investment to support our industry and help us deliver on our core priorities.


Businesses driven by environmental and social considerations can enjoy new funding sources through global capital markets and the financial sector worldwide. Green Leasing is committed to helping them achieve these ambitions.


Investors will align their investments with their vision of sustainable development and enjoy a more extensive choice of projects and green finance products to satisfy the fast-growing market demand.

To make the EU climate-neutral by 2050, Europe needs between €175 to €290 billion in additional yearly investment in the following decades.